I have to tell you, this is pure genius! The notables report is mind-blowingly useful!
George Melton
Empire Comics
New Albany, In

(T)he program is a godsend, allowing me to add subscription customers almost at the speed that the customer requests titles, and now that I’m fully utilizing the inventory tracking aspects my monthly ordering has gone from a sleepless week of late nights to something that I can almost fit in during regular store hours. I’ve managed to squeeze a whole extra week for restocking each month from the time that I’ve saved so far and the curve seems to be exponential. I know that it’s given me a noticeable edge over my competitors; with no employees I’m managing to take care of my 216 subscription customers single-handedly. When I compare it to that other (italics) program that was primitive in display and took more time to enter data than I was previously managing with pen and paper, I pity any retailer using anything else.
Charlie Harris
Charlie’s Comic Books
Tucson, AZ

While many things are pretty straight-forward in their use, there is still a pretty good learning curve. You’ve designed an excellent program with a vast amount of options and capabilities.
Blackthorn Game Center
Dickson, TN

Thanks, you rock!
Stacy Korn
Comic Fusion
Flemington, NJ

I tried it out, and thought it was a good program. Whenever a retailer is having problems with their pull and hold service, I recommend it.
Michael Freeman
DC Sales Representative

I have been using the program and really like it – it’s reduced the time I
spend on processing my weekly incoming orders by at least half.

Greg Rakun
Sheboygan Cards & Collectibles
Sheboygan, WI

I want to thank you for the program which is already affording me some extra time with my family and promises to free up much more time in a couple of months when all of my generated orders and invoices will be directed through the program.
Charlie Harris
Charlie’s Comic Books
Tucson, AZ

We will be contacting you about subscribing to the cbpf service soon. Thanks again for your help and what seems to be an amazing computer program.
Blair Irelan
Comic Relief
Flint, MI

I just wanted to say good luck! I hope that everyone who gets the trial version in this month’s Comics and Games Retailer is able to make good use of it and decide they must have it!
Marc Aquino
Sales Manager
Alliance Game Distributors

One thought on “Testimonials”

  1. The latest version of CBPF, rebuilt to accommodate all of Diamond’s changes from Previews on Windows to the new Comic Suite Ultra Lite has not only made CBPF compatible with Diamond’s new system, but has improved programs and lots of options for appearance that are welcome as well. The full screen inventory tracking charts are great; with all of the variant covers, the more space for this feature, the better I can see what’s actually being sold. I’ve been adamantly avoiding Diamond’s push for retailers to use their program as it puts retailers in the position of having to implement any other program they throw at us regardless of cost. Personally I don’t want to have to track all of the UPC codes, I don’t want to purchase Diamond’s cash register and other integral components as I have a cash register and other systems already in use that serve my purposes well. CBPF makes me continue to feel like an independent business rather than a franchise in Diamond’s thrall. Thank you for all of your hard work and fine responses to customers’ needs@ CBPF rules!

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