Before Using External Support:

Remember the help system provided on the menu bar within the CBPF program. It is the best place to start solving questions.

Users Forum:

Users are able to ask questions and help other users. Staff at CBPF will periodically review the forum questions to answer tough questions or to correct (or more fully explain) answers given in the forum. This is a good way to assist or give suggestions on how to accomplish tasks which may not have been envisioned when CBPF was designed. Various retailers have different customer requests, different needs, and different operating methods; thus other retailers who have similar situations, may be the best people to answer the questions.

E-mail Support Costs:

E-mail questions are answered free of charge, but they may not be answered as promptly as other forms of support. They are answered as free time allows. The user may be referred to FAQ’s, the help system, or the forum, if the question is answered there.

Support Questions

Telephone Support Costs:

Maintenance and new development of CBPF is provided for by the monthly subscription fee, however, additional revenue must be provided to pay for telephone Help Desk operators proportional to the number of users and support calls received.

A credit card number must be provided at the beginning of the call.
Per 15 minute block: $20
Support costs are assessed via 15 minute blocks. For example if the call is 20 minutes long, the user is charged $40.
Long support or training calls (60 minutes or more) will be charged $60 per hour + $15 per 15 minute block.

Support call time does not begin until the Help Desk operator comes on the phone.

When a retailer subscribes to the CBPF service he is allowed some free technical support each month. This allows the retailer a total of 15 minutes of telephone support during each calendar month. Actual minutes are added and no rounding of 15 minute blocks will occur. The 15 minute limit restarts at the beginning of each month and no minutes carry over. To sign up for this option, subscribe via PayPal. CBPF subscriptions can be cancelled at any time prior to the 1st of the month. Credit card charges will not occur before the 1st of each month. If cancellation occurs after the 1st of the month, the subscription will be cancelled at the end of the month.

60-day trial period –
During the 60-day trial period, a store is given unlimited telephone support free of charge. This is to help the store accurately assess the CBPF system and if it meets the needs of the store. We at CBPF realize that the learning curve for a new system is intimidating, and want to assist in answering questions and getting you up and running as soon as possible so that your 60 days are as beneficial as possible.

CBPF support phone number is 785-827-1133

On-Site Support Costs:

On-site Installation/Training $300/day plus expenses. This is to help the retailer get up and running with the CBPF program. This is unnecessary in most cases, but is available and may be especially usefully for stores with several staff members who can be trained in a meeting, or where each staff can be met with during the day in small groups or individually for training. This may also be beneficial if there are multiple stores within driving distance of a meeting place where the store tech persons and/or managers can be trained. If there is a good relationship between comic store competitors, they may want to set up a mutual training time and split the cost.

Conversion of Another System to the CBPF:

This is priced on an individual basis as all systems are different. Some may be converted completely, and some may not be able to be converted at all.

Support costs are subject to change.

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