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I spoke with technical support at Diamond and here is what Diamond means when they are no longer supporting POW (Previews On Windows). The POW file will continue to be generated for the forseeable future. The POW program will probably continue to work. But if you need technical help, or something breaks, Diamond is going to either not assist, or may assist, but encourage you to move to ComicSuite Ultra Lite.

So what does that mean for CBPF users? Anyone can continue to use the version of CBPF they are using. If you do transition away from POW, CBPF is there ready to help. It supports the CSUL format as well as the MDF (Master Data File) format file. And the POW support is still supported in the latest version of CBPF.

There have been hickups with rolling out the 2.xx version of CBPF (as I knew there would be) since a different version of MS Office is used and the database format has changed. I very much thank those stores who have upgraded and been patient in the upgrade process.


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  1. So what does this mean for problems such as the current inability to enter this month’s (September 2016) order form? In the past when there’s been an error I’ve come to comicbookpullfile.com to get the replacement file to use.

    To reiterate: the September 2016 new Previews order form from Previews on Windows is giving an error message (3349 numeric field overflow) when I attempt to load it into CBPF.

    I’m going to have to “transition away from POW” since the order is due in two weeks. Where exactly do I get the help for doing so?

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