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2.03 Full Version 2.03 Install
2.07 Upgrade 2.07 Upgrade
Full Version 1.12 Install
Upgrade 1.12 Upgrade

All versions of CBPF now require a Windows 7 computer (or later).

Video Tutorials – These videos were created with CBPF Version 1.xx and so the principles are the same as for Version 2, but the navigation is different (and there are many new features).

Full Install – PLEASE READ – accessruntime_4288-1001_x86_en-us.exe is included in the zip file. This is Microsoft’s Access Runtime software. It must be installed first. Then a shortcut to ComicBook Pull File.accde will load CBPF. If you own Access 2013 or later, you can simply create the shortcut and not install the Access runtime. Access 2016 runtime is also available at You should download the 32 bit version (contains x86 in name).

Upgrade – PLEASE READ – To upgrade to CBPF 2.00 or later, you must be at least CBPF 1.12. If you are at a previous version of CBPF, then you’ll need to go through the 1.12 upgrade process first. Then your data can be converted to the CBPF 2.xx. Make sure you back up the ComicBook Pull File directory before downloading this upgrade. Call me and I’ll walk you through the backup and upgrade process (all subscribers, purchasers, or 60-day trial users).

C:\users\public\public documents\CBPF (suggested)

Subscribers upgrade for FREE, as well as any users on their 60-day trial. Purchasers have an upgrade fee.

Details of what has been updated is contained in the Newsletters section.

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