Contract pricing is on a per store basis. There is no ‘per computer’ or ‘per user’ cost. Therefore, it is ok to copy the software to multiple computers and to use the software in multiple locations (home and work) for the per store pricing. Payment can be provided by check or credit card (now accepting Paypal also). Credit cards will be run through my comic store account (Collector’s Pair-of-Dice).

Subscription Agreement – There is no purchase cost, but a monthly fee. All future updates (major and minor) are free. You receive free telephone, e-mail, and forum support as described in the Support section. Cancellation is available at any time by the store at the end of any month. If a credit card is provided, it will automatically be charged at the beginning of each month. If you prefer to pay by check, you are responsible to mail the check by the beginning of each month (statements are not mailed, but e-mail statements can be arranged). Paypal payments happen on the same date of each month when you subscribe.

CBPF Subscription Cost –
Subscription service – $55/month per store
$45/month per store (2-5) stores
$35/month per store (6+) stores

The following Paypal subscription buttons will allow the subscription fee to come directly from your PayPal account. After you set up the payment, you’ll need to contact us via phone or e-mail to receive your subscription code.

For those who want to subscribe annually and only be charged once a year, I’m giving a 2 month discount off the monthly rate. Please note: I can’t refund partial year cancellations.

To set up a subscription through credit card or check, or a custom option, call.

If you already subscribe as one store, and want to add an additional store, you’ll need to cancel the first store, then subscribe as a Two Store Subscription to get the price break for two stores. You can also contact us to cancel your first store if you need help doing this.

Purchase Agreement –

Minor upgrades will cost $230 for those who have purchased the software. Major upgrades (e.g. 2.00, 3.00, etc.) will be determined when that occurs. Small upgrades will be released on a regular basis, so take this into account when you decide to purchase. No free telephone support is included, but e-mail and forum support is free as described in the Support section.

Software purchase – $750

Subscribers can purchase the software at any time by paying the purchase cost. You will lose the subscription advantages if you chose this option.

Purchasers can subscribe to the software by paying the monthly subscription fee each month. At any time if you cancel your subscription, you will still own the current version of the software to use.

All pricing is subject to change.

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