CBPF 2.07 now Available

With the advent of a Master Data File change, CBPF had to be updated to allow for the file format change.

If you import from CSUL or POW, I’d suggest you don’t bother doing this upgrade as there are no changes that will effect you. See the post below for the explanation of what the issue is that is being addressed and Diamonds’ original article.

To update to this latest version of CBPF (If you are a subscriber), do the following. If you are a purchaser, the upgrade will ask for a code which will be provided when you call us and agree to the upgrade cost.

  1. Close CBPF
  2. Backup your current CBPF files
  3. Download 2.07 upgrade
  4. Unzip 2.07 upgrade
  5. copy ComicBook Pull File.accde into your CBPF folder (usually in public Documents/Comicbook pull file
  6. Load CBPF
  7. You should get a thank you for upgrading message. Then the import should work. If you don’t get a thank you message, you probably copied to the wrong folder. You can verify the version of CBPF by going to the Utilities tab and the version is listed on the ribbon.

Click to download 2.07 Upgrade


Error when importing Master Data File for March 2017

I just found out that Diamond changed the file format for the Master Data File in the March 2017 file. Here is the article posted today https://retailerservices.diamondcomics.com/DiamondDaily/108/191277

I’ve changed CBPF so that it can accept this new format. There is no other functionality changes between 2.06 and 2.07. So if you don’t use the MDF file when importing monthly there is no need to do this update if you’re already using CBPF 2.06.

Testing and getting this version of CBPF up may take a few days.



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