Items not being found that should be during the monthly reconciliation

The December Diamond files when importing from CSUL contains a Parent Item for items which are not resolicited. I’m not sure if this is done in the MDF or POW files. If you’re using one of these file formats, please be alert for this possibility.

Before ordering an item for a customer that has an autopull, CBPF checks that if there is a parent item code that the resolicited checkbox is checked before the order will happen. Otherwise the logic is that it has been offered before so should not be autopulled. I’ve tweeked the logic upon import for all 3 file formats so that it blanks out the Parent Item field if it is the same item code as the item being solicited. Then the previous logic will work. To update to this latest version of CBPF, do the following.

  1. Close CBPF
  2. Backup your current CBPF files
  3. Download 2.06 upgrade
  4. Unzip 2.06 upgrade
  5. copy ComicBook Pull File.accde into your CBPF folder (usually in public Documents/Comicbook pull file
  6. Load CBPF
  7. You should get a thank you for upgrading message. Then the import should work. If you don’t get a thank you message, you probably copied to the wrong folder. You can verify the version of CBPF by going to the Utilities tab and the version is listed on the ribbon.

Click to download 2.06 Upgrade

There is no good alternative to this upgrade. A temporary way to fix the problem if you can’t upgrade is to blank out the Parent Item field for items that match the current item code. This can be done after import, before “1. Find Monthly Items” button is done. It is okay to redo this button after clearing the field out. The fastest way I know of clearing this field is to filter by the month to be changed. put your cursor in the Parent Item field. Make sure the whole field is highlighted. Then press, “delete” on the keyboard and down-arrow to the next row. Repeat,

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