October Import Problems

The October Diamond files contain Betty and Veronica items which begin with # in the item description. For those customers who have ‘strip’ (removes issue numbers from the item description) in their setup, this causes a problem. I’ve updated CBPF to 2.05 to deal with this issue.

  1. Close CBPF
  2. Download 2.05 upgrade
  3. Unzip 2.05 upgrade
  4. copy ComicBook Pull File.accde into your CBPF folder (usually in public Documents/Comicbook pull file
  5. Load CBPF
  6. You should get a thank you for upgrading message. Then the import should work.

Click to download 2.05 Upgrade

The other alternative is to remove these items from the import file prior to importing (POW or MDF only. CSUL imports come directly so can’t be edited).

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